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Posted by SpoogeMcGroove - October 14th, 2015

Newgrounds sure is a good site for artists like me who post the work they do in their spare time, i admit that i am not a frequent poster but i do try to upload my art or doodles whenever i can. it is also nice to know that my work is being viewed by people who appreciate the time it takes to make art.

I do however think that newgrounds isn't really giving non sponsored artists like me the amount of views it could be giving as the work is often drowned out by the flood of sponsored (mostly NSFW) art work that is on the front page and most people dont often go further than the front page listings :/ this is a bit of a bummer as it often kills motivation but alas i will keep on posting my silly doodles and serious illustrations on here you have my word.

P.S when you do view my work it is nice to get some feedback ;) even if you don't want to type there is a rating system that only requires the click of a button

Much love and sloppy kisses

- P.D

Posted by SpoogeMcGroove - July 9th, 2015


Posted by SpoogeMcGroove - March 22nd, 2015

After perusing the interwebs for a site where my strange and sensual art can be posted, i have desided to choose this site as my metophorical victim, but do not worry, i will take good care of her...i've even picked out a cute little dress for her to wear :3 




On this profile you will bare witness to my art work which spans from still images and animation, though it may be horrifying at first, i am sure you will come to like it and later develop an attraction to it like the sick little bastards you are.

I hope you come to enjoy this page and all of its contents.

- Spooge